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Posted By Legal Team | July 12 2024 | Traumatic Brain Injury

Signs and Symptoms of Brain Injury After an Accident

Car accidents are the leading cause of brain injuries, with falls as a close second. After an accident, a catastrophic brain injury might be immediately recognizable due to the victim’s death or a diagnosis of brain death soon after the accident; however, not all brain injuries present with urgent or obvious symptoms. Some brain injuries…

Posted By Legal Team | July 5 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents, Traumatic Brain Injury

How Common Are Brain Injuries for Motorcyclists?

Motorcycle enthusiasts love the thrill of a ride in the open air, but that same experience also places a rider at great risk of injuries in an accident, including brain injuries ranging from mild to catastrophic. According to the CDC, motorcycles make up less than one percent of all vehicle miles driven yet account for…

Posted By Legal Team | July 2 2024 | Car Accidents

Tips for a Successful Car Accident Insurance Claim

Car accidents are frightening and painful, especially when there are serious injuries. The steps from the chaotic moments after the crash until reaching the maximum physical and financial recovery can be a distressing journey. Because we thankfully don’t experience car accidents often, few people are prepared for the process of filing a car accident claim…

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