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Posted By Legal Team | December 28 2023 | Georgia Laws, Wrongful Death

Georgia’s Wrongful Death Laws

It always feels wrong to the surviving family members when a loved one dies, but according to Georgia’s wrongful death laws, the state classifies a death as wrongful if it was an unjustified death caused by another person or business entity. We all owe a duty to take reasonable actions to prevent causing harm or…

Posted By Legal Team | December 20 2023 | Georgia Laws, Personal Injury

What Are Punitive Damages in a Georgia Personal Injury Case?

Injuries happen every day but when they occur due to someone else’s actions they are especially distressing. Georgia’s tort law offers redress to victims of preventable injuries through a Georgia personal injury claim. A successful personal injury claim helps victims to recover their financial losses plus compensation for their pain and suffering—known as “damages” in…

Posted By Legal Team | December 13 2023 | Car Accidents, Georgia Laws

Georgia’s Comparative Negligence Law

Unlike the handful of no-fault insurance states like Florida—Georgia’s neighbor to the south—in Georgia, it matters who causes a car accident. Georgia’s insurance laws operate on a fault-based system that requires proving liability in an accident and recovering compensation from the liable party’s insurance policy. This sounds like a straightforward process, but car accident causes…

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