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Posted By Legal Team | February 27 2024 | Car Accidents

How Does a Car Accident Claim Work in Georgia?

There are several states in the U.S. with no-fault insurance laws. For instance, Florida requires car accident victims to file claims against their own insurance after an accident regardless of who caused the accident. However, in Georgia, it matters who causes a car accident. Georgia’s fault-based insurance laws hold each driver accountable for an accident…

Posted By Legal Team | February 16 2024 | Car Accidents

[Analysis] The Deadliest Intersections in America

Roughly 1 in 4 fatal car crashes in the United States happens at an intersection, according to data from the National Highway Transit Safety Administration — a figure that speaks to the delicate balancing act that intersections require, often involving vehicles on smaller, slower roads entering or crossing larger, faster thoroughfares. In fact, over 18…

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