“Ed and Mike are the cream of the crop when it comes to personal injury attorneys in Georgia. I have known all three of these men for a number of years and worked with Ed on several cases. Their dedication to client service is unparalleled. If you need a Georgia attorney for an automobile crash or inadequate security case, I highly recommend this firm.”

Joel Williams

“Mike Walker was one of the BEST people to work with on getting my case handled quickly, efficiently, and with great compassion for my particular needs. I could call or email day or night with the most outrageous questions and I would have a response within a day or two. If you need a firm that will treat you like family and work for YOU and what your needs are, not for a ‘quick win’, I would not hesitate to call or email Mike and/or his team.”

Amanda Harris

“Legal issues will often cause unnecessary stress and uncertainty. All of this went away after I spoke with Edward and he assured me that my wife and I were in good hands. I had a small issue that I thought no one took seriously. Edward and his team treated my situation like it was the only thing that mattered. After weeks of dealing with this issue, the resolution came within a day of reaching out to this firm and my wife and I finally had a peace of mind. Words cannot describe how easy this team is to work with or how fast they reach a resolution. If you’re reading these reviews, you may need legal representation. I would encourage you to look no further and allow this firm to bring back your peace of mind.”

John Rader

“I have dealt with Mike Walker on many occasions on different issues. He has always been very attentive and professional. I would highly recommend this law firm for any personal injury matter. Unlike many law firms, they don’t just try to get a quick settlement. They will go to court and fight for you.”

John Hastings

“Edward Piasta is the most outstanding trial lawyer I have ever had the opportunity to work with, watch prepare a case for trial, and try a case. His arguments are innovative and creative, and most importantly, he is always prepared on both the facts and the law.”

Harlan Wood

“Mike is a competent and aggressive litigator. He approaches his cases with an “outside the box” mentality and is terrific at developing angles for cases that most attorneys would never think of. I highly recommend him.”

Jonathan Schermerhorn

“Edward is an experienced trial lawyer who has taken objectively difficult cases and turned them into multi-million dollar successes at trial. I fully endorse this TRUE Trial Lawyer.”

Titus Nichols

“Mike and I worked together as federal law clerks. He has built his reputation as an extremely detail-oriented attorney who fights tirelessly for his clients. I trust him to be a strong advocate for seriously injured people in auto accidents, trucking, and other personal injury cases. He has the knowledge necessary to navigate matters involving the intricacies of complex litigation, federal trucking regulations, and any other issue injury cases may involve.”

Douglas Dean